International negociations are growing complex. In this article by Eliane Karsaklian, see how you can change and improve your international negotiation approach. 

International negotiations 
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The Key Levers of Success Abroad

Mercadex International is a group of international marketing consultants that is passionate in helping enterprises grow their international presence and significantly improve performance in international markets.

The success rate of Mercadex’s clients is based on these 4 levers:

Seasoned consultants driven by the achievements of their client firms
A down-to-earth approach intent on returns for your internationalization efforts
An elite network (Net3D): Sectoral, Geographic and Multidisciplinary
Significant and lasting results for our client firms

An enterprise that wishes to maintain a level of growth that is both profitable and sustainable must seriously consider developing its business internationally. Be it in B2C, B2B or B2B2C markets, the enterprise must coordinate several business functions toward the effective development of foreign markets. International marketing (e.g. market research) in this sense becomes paramount. Thanks to its team of seasoned consultants as well as its network of industry experts across several continents, Mercadex can ensure the effective advancement of its enterprises in their international business development process.